Set booking - modify booking with passengers


Post JSON data here to get information about an account.

    "accountId": "2",
    "checkIn": "14.07.2020",
    "checkOut": "15.07.2020",
    "numAdult": "1",
    "childAges": [5,7],
    "roomId": "11017",
    "status": "CONFIRMED",
    "paymentMethod": "Credit card online",
    "paymentOption": "Payment in full",
    "notifySupplier": "0",
    "adHoc": "0",
    "note": "",
    "dateCreated": "12.07.2020 02:52",
    "passengers": [{
                    "title": "mr",
                    "name": "Ivan",
                    "surname": "Kukić",
                    "email": "",
                    "phone": "+38267613079",
                    "country": "Crna Gora",
                    "city": "Bar",
                    "address": "Jovana Tomaševića 32",
                    "birthDate": "01.08.1982",
                    "passportNumber": "AB504109",
                    "type": "adult"
    "guarantee": {
                    "holderName": "Ivan Kukić",
                    "cardType": "MasterCard",
                    "cardNumber": "5555555555554444",
                    "expMonth": "10",
                    "expYear": "2018",
                    "cvc": "553"

"accountID" and "apiKey" are required for all Api calls.

"language": en me hr si ru de nl fr it cz sk hu pl


"paymentMethod": Credit card online Credit card using offline authorization Bank transfer Western Union Cache

"paymentOption": Payment in full 30% now and 70% balance 10 days before arrival 30% now and 70% balance upon arrival

Passenger "title": mr mrs ms dr prof

Optional "notifySupplier" Send Email to Supplier

Optional "adHoc" Allow booking of objects without price

Optional "id" Allow to modify existing booking

Optional passenger "id" Allow to modify existing passenger information

Sending document to guest
  • status "CONFIRMED": the document "INVOICE" is sent
  • status "ON-HOLD" and paymentMethod all except "Credit card online": the document "PRO-FORMA" is sent
  • status "REQUEST": the document "INFO" is sent

Optional "doNotSendDocument" parameter prevent system from sending info, proforma or invoice to passenger

Optional "customMail": suppliers.

Optional "discountSupplementType" enables calculation of: DISCOUNT  SUPPLEMENT  VOUCHER-CODE

Optional "discountSupplementCalculationType": PERCENTAGE  NOMINALLY

Optional "discountSupplementAmount"