Checkout Accommodation with room


Post JSON data here to get information about an account.

    "accountId": "2",
    "checkIn": "14.07.2020",
    "checkOut": "15.07.2020",
    "numAdult": "1",
    "childAges": [5,7],
    "roomId": "11017"

"accountID" and "apiKey" are required for all Api calls.

"language": en me hr si ru de nl fr it cz sk hu pl

Optional "showUnavailableRooms" parameter return room with message why room is not available.

Optional "skipDateValidation" prevents checkIn and CheckOut validation.

Optional "discountSupplementType" enables calculation of: DISCOUNT  SUPPLEMENT  VOUCHER-CODE

Optional "discountSupplementCalculationType": PERCENTAGE  NOMINALLY

Optional "discountSupplementAmount"